The Best Air Conditioners For Keeping Your Cool

Summer is a terrific time to get outside and enjoy the nicer weather. However, it may be hot, humid, and uncomfortable if you don’t have a method to cool off. Fortunately, portable air conditioners may make your summer much more tolerable. Portable air conditioners offer their own set of pros and cons, but they function to lower the humidity and temperature in your house, making it a more enjoyable place to live.

How Air Conditioning Works

High heat and humidity may be unpleasant since they reduce your body’s capacity to release heat. This can lead you to sweat more, causing your clothing to absorb more moisture. All of this might make you feel quite uneasy. To fight this, you might try to cool and dry the air to lessen heat and humidity. You may also boost air movement to make yourself more comfortable.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioner


As the temperature rises in the summer, so does the need for air conditioners. But what factors influence the cost of an air conditioner? Cooling capacity and construction are two of the most essential elements. Larger devices with more cooling capacity are often more costly than smaller devices with fewer capabilities. Adding features like sound-deafening materials or a good compressor might also increase the price. Keep these criteria in mind while searching for an air conditioner to help you obtain the most value for your money.

Cooling capability

The quantity of cooling capacity required is determined by the amount of space to cool and the heat’s intensity. This is usually expressed as BTUs (British Thermal Units). The more BTUs an air conditioner can remove per unit of time from a particular room, the more powerful it is. Measure the floor size of the space and multiply by 20 to obtain the required BTU.


As the weather warms, many people begin to consider cooling their houses. Some individuals prefer basic analog controls on their air conditioners, such as knobs and buttons. Others may like to be able to manage their air conditioner using a remote or their phone. Most modern air conditioners include a fan mode, which eliminates the cooling produced by the cold a/c coil loaded with refrigerant.

However, a handful offer heater and dehumidifier capabilities and settings that allow you to control the appliance’s performance at night. Multiple fan speeds and cooling settings may help you swiftly lower a room’s temperature or fine-tune the air conditioner’s functioning, ensuring that your interior comfort is exactly where you want it. In many circumstances, fine-tuning can also lower your power bill. This is especially significant in areas of the nation where the cooling season lasts a long time.

Best Air Conditioners for 2022


The LG air conditioner is one of the market’s most efficient and powerful air conditioners. It controls cooling via a multi-speed compressor, which means it may speed up or slow down to maintain the temperature. This design is not commonly utilized in window air conditioners, yet it maintains a constant temperature and saves energy. LG refers to this as a dual-inverter design. Consider this LW1517IVSM if you are a light sleeper. The LW1517IVSM offers sleep settings that reduce cooling from the initial configuration, saving you money and preventing you from being awakened by cycling.

Midea MAW12V1Q

For those looking for a quiet air conditioner, the MAW12V1QWT is the finest option. Its innovative U-shape design lets you close the window in the middle, isolating the compressor from the inside environment. The MAW12V1QWT is hence quieter than other air conditioners.

The Midea MAW12V1QWT is our top air conditioner option because it includes a compressor that adjusts quickly to meet demand, an auto louver swing function for better air distribution, and a high BTU rating. We also enjoy how its air filter is inclined, which makes cleaning easier and results in cleaner air in the house.

Haier ESAQ406T

Looking for a window air conditioner that won’t keep you up at night? The Haier ESAQ406T is one of the quietest on the market, with a sound and vibration-dampening internal compressor blanket. It’s Energy-Efficiency Rating of 12.2 can help reduce your electric bill, making it a great choice for those hot summer months.

LG LW6017R

Looking for an air conditioner that can rapidly and efficiently cool huge spaces? The LG 6,000-BTU window unit might be precisely what you’re looking for. 3This appliance has an energy-saving mode, a full-function remote control, a 24-hour on/off timer, 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling settings,  and an auto reset that turns the device back on when power is restored, or an outage occurs. It also has remarkable dehumidifying capabilities, removing up to 2.2 pints of moisture each hour, so you’ll feel cooler even if you don’t use lower temperature settings.